Foundation, Concrete and Earthquake Engineering

Checklist for Supplies and Equipment for Earthquake

Earthquake can happen at any time, anywhere. When a earthquake hits, one have only few seconds between realization that this is an earthquake and the time when the shaking stops. This is the time; advanced planning becomes effective to make one or one’s family safer. If one knows what to expect , what to do and what supplies and equipments required to survive during quake after quake, he can make right decision and right action that may mean the difference between injury, life or death.

The necessary supplies are as below:

Ø Working gloves
Ø Ax/ maul ( minimum 6 lb)
Ø Shovel ( flat head and pointed)
Ø Broom
Checklist for Supplies and Equipment for EarthquakeØ Hammer and nail
Ø Screwdrivers
Ø Crowbar and claw tool (36” or longer)
Ø Plastic sheeting roll (4mm,10’x25’)
Ø Plastic garbage bags (heavy duty, 30 gal. or larger)
Ø Small or larger plastic bags
Ø Coil of rope 1/4”,1/2”,3/4” (25’-50’)
Ø Coil of wire
Ø Tent (family or tube type)
Ø Tarp (PVC or canvas, minimum two, 8’x10’)
Ø Sleeping bags, blanket or space blanket
Ø Cheese cloth ( to strain particles from water)
Ø Cash money (small denominations and coins )
Ø Dry food
Ø Clothing
Ø Walking shoes and shocks
Ø Local road map
Ø Fire extinguisher ( preferably a dry chemical type with a minimum size with an earthquake restraining strap, a hose-type nozzle and a metal head.
Ø Compass
Ø Flash light w/batteries or chemical light sticks, matches ( in water proof container)
Ø Small radio (battery-powered portable)
Ø Entertainment pack –family photos, note books, literature and genes

Sanitation Supplies

Ø Plastic bags ( heavy-duty garbage can size and small zipper types)
Ø Powdered chlorine lime ( proper storage is required, it is an oxidizer and is corrosive )
Ø Portable camp toilet with chemical
Ø Toilet paper
Ø Handi-wipes, wet-n-drys etc. for water-free cleanup
Ø Toilet supplies (toiletries, shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant, sanitary napkins etc.)
Ø Insect, fly, mosquito and ant sprays.

Storage Location

When organizing supplies for an earthquake, remember that you need to get to them after an earthquake has turned your house into a mess. Store supplies in an easy-to-find location that has a minimal chance of being buried under falling objects. If you are short on space, a large trash can makes an excellent storage container. If live in an apartment, the can be hidden under decorative tablecloth. Food supplies should be rotated within at least six month.

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