Foundation, Concrete and Earthquake Engineering

Occupancy Classification

Every building or portion thereof shall be classified according to its use or the character of occupancy as a building of occupancy A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, J or k as defined below:
Occupancy A : Residential
Occupancy B : Educational
Occupancy C : Institutional
Occupancy D : Health Care
Occupancy E : Assembly
Occupancy F : Business and Mercantile
Occupancy G : Industrial
Occupancy H : Storage
Occupancy J : Hazardous
Occupancy K : Miscellaneous
Minor occupancy incidental to operations in another type of occupancy shall be considered as part of the main occupancy, and shall be classified under the occupancy group relevant for the main occupancy.
Any occupancy not mentioned specifically shall be classified by the authority under the occupancy group to which is use most closely resembles, considering the potential life and fire hazard.
Each occupancy group shall be sub divided as detailed in the following sections. The example provided for each occupancy group are nonexhaustive and indicative only. If there is any use or character of occupancy in a building which is not mentioned here, it shall be classified by the authority.
Occuoancy A : Residential
Buildings classified under this occupancy shall include all buildings that provide sleeping and living accommodations to related or unrelated groups of people, with or without cooking or dining facilities, except any building classified under occupancy C or D. This occupancy shall be subdivided as follows:
A 1 Detached single family dwelling
These shall include any building, detached from neighboring buildings by distances required by this Code, and having independent access, which is used for private dwelling by members of a single family.
Occuoancy B : Educational
Building classified under this occupancy shall include all buildings in which education and care are provided to children and adults. This occupancy shall be subdivided as follows:
B 1 Educational facilities
These shall include any building or portion thereof used for purposes involving assembly for instruction, education and recreation of more than six persons, and which is not covered by occupancy E, for example school, college, university class rooms, lobbies and related facilities, coaching centers, tutorial homes etc.

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