Foundation, Concrete and Earthquake Engineering

Handling of Reinforcement at Site

Whatever be the magnitude of R.C.C work, it is necessary to prepare a bar bending schedule based on the structural drawing prior to start of handling reinforcement at site. Bar bending schedule is a descriptive list containing details regarding the exact shape, dimension and diameter of each and every bar together with the number of bars of each shape.]

Bars are cut to the desired lengths and than bent cold in a accordance with the details given in bar bending schedule. Before placing the bars in position in the formwork it is necessary to ensure that the reinforcement is clean and free from loose mill scale, loose rust, oil and other coating. This precaution is necessary to meet the requirement of good bond between concrete and steel for monolithic behavior.

The reinforcement should be placed accurately in position and maintained in position by tying bars at junction with binding wire or by welding. To ensure proper cover to reinforcement, small prercast cover blocks made out of cement mortar are used. The cover blocks are inserted below the reinforcement mesh and tied to it with the help of binding wire, prior to concreting. In addition, precaution should be taken to prevent the displacement or distortion of reinforcement during concreting.

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