Foundation, Concrete and Earthquake Engineering

Guidance for Removal of Forms and Shores

No construction loads shall be supported on, nor any shoring removed from, any part of the structure under construction except when that portion of the structure in combination with remaining forming and shoring system has sufficient strength to support safely its weight and loads placed thereon.

Sufficient strength shall be demonstrated by structural analysis considering proposed loads, strength of forming and shoring system, and concrete strength data. Structural analysis and concrete strength test data shall be furnished to the engineer when so required.

No construction loads exceeding the combinations of superimposed dead load plus specified live load shall be supported on any unshored portion of the structure under construction, unless analysis indicates adequate strength to support such additional loads.

Forms shall be removed in such a manner as not to impair safety and serviceability of the structure. All concrete to be exposed by form removal shall have sufficient strength not to be damaged thereby.

Forms supporting prestressed concrete members shall not be removed until sufficient prestrtessing has been applied to enable prestressed members to carry their dead load and anticipated construction loads.

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