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Loads on Helicopter Landing Area

In addition to the all loads (Rain loads, loads due to flood and surge, temperature effects, snow load, soil and hydrostatic pressure, loads due to explosions, and vertical forces on air raid shelter) that may occur in this(Helicopter Landing Area) area including dead loads, the minimum live load on helicopter Landing or touchdown Area shall be one of the loads L1, L2, L3 as given below producing the most unfavorable effect:

1. L1 = W1

2. L2 =KW2

3. L3 = w
World Highest Helipad in Burj Al Arab 
Where, W1 = Actual weight of the helicopter in KN,

W2= Fully loaded weight of the helicopter in KN,

w = A distributed load of 5.0 KN/m2,

K=0.75 for helicopters equipped with hydraulic type shock absorbers and
= 1.5 for helicopters with rigid or skid type land
Helicopter Landed on World Highest Helipad in Burj Al Arab 
The live load, L1 shall be applied over the actual of contact of landing. The load, L2 shall be a single concentrated load including impact applied over a 300 mm X 300 mm area. The loads, L1 and L2 may be applied anywhere within the landing area to produce the most unfavorable effects of loading.

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