Foundation, Concrete and Earthquake Engineering

Health Hazard during Excavation

Mechanical ventilation shall be provided where gases and fumes are likely to be present in trenches. All personnel working shall be provided with protective respiratory equipment. All trenches/tunnel shall be provided with emergency exits.
Clothes worn by the workmen shall not be of such nature and materials as to increase the chances of inflicting injuries to themselves and others. Wearing of loose garments shall be strictly avoided.
Workman using necked flames (such as welding), where steel is used for ladder or shoring purpose or where metal obstruction has to
Precautionary measures shall be taken against the emission of dust, small particles, toxic gases and other harmful substances in quantities hazardous to health. Such measures may include local ventilation, use of protective devices, medical check-up etc. Exhaust ventilation shall be employed in enclosed spaces.
A copy of all pertinent regulations and notices concerning accidents, injury and first aid shall be prominently displayed at the work site.
A first aid box or cupboard shall be provided for every 150 workmen and be accessible. The provision shall also include a stretcher and cot with accessories for every 300 workmen.
In case of site where more than 600 workmen are employed at any one time, or in which more than 300 workmen are employed at any one time and 15 Km from the nearest health service facility, provision of an ambulance shall be made.
The precautionary measures provided shall meet the requirements of the local health authority. The owner shall ensure that all precautionary measures have been taken and been inspected by the Authority prior to commencement of such work.

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