Foundation, Concrete and Earthquake Engineering

Requirements for Inspection and Testing of Pile Driving Equipment

Pile diving equipment shall be inspected by an engineer at regular intervals not exceeding four months. A register shall be maintained at the site for recording the result of such inspection. Pile lines and pulley blocks shall be inspected by the foreman before the beginning of each shift for any excess wear or other defects.

Defective parts of pile drivers, such as sheaves, mechanism slings and hose shall be repaired by only competent technicians and duly inspected by foreman in-charge of the rig. The findings of such inspection shall be recorded in the register.

For every hoisting, machine, chain, rig, hook, shackle, swivel and pulley block used in hoisting or suspending, safe working loads shall be ascertained. Every hoisting machine and all gears shall be marked with the safe working loads and the conditions under which it is applicable.

Tests shall be performed in case of doubt and half of the tested load shall be taken as the safe working load. No part of any machine or any gear shall be loaded beyond the safe working load.

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