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Sanitary Landfill Site Selection

The following important factors must be considered when evaluating potential landfill sites for disposal of solid wastes:

1. It is important to ensure that sufficient land area is available for disposal of solid wastes for a reasonable period of time, preferably greater than one year 9(minimum), because for short periods, the disposal operation becomes more expensive.

2. Haul distance will have significant impact on operating cost. Although minimum haul distances are desirable, other factors like collection route location, local traffic patterns and access conditions must also be considered.

3. It is important that the cover material should be available at or near the landfill site. Therefore the soil conditions and topography of the site must be considered,

4. Climate conditions, e.g., wind patterns and local surface water hydrology of the area has to be considered because these will have impact on the access to landfill sites.

5. Geologic and hydrogeologic conditions are the most important factors in establishing the environmental suitability of the area and are required to assess the pollution potential of the proposed site. It is to be ensured that the movement of leachate and the gasses from the landfill will not contaminate the ground water aquifer.

6. Extreme care is necessary in the operation of the landfill so that it is environmentally acceptable with respect to noise, odor, dust, vector control. Flying papers and plastics must also be controlled.

7. The issue of the ultimate use of the completed landfill site is to be considered prior to the layout and designed the proposed landfill.


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  2. Good point about looking a haul distance. I am trying to decide which land fill I should use. My business involves construction so I need to make frequent trips to the land fill. One that is close by would save me a lot of money in gas.