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Borehole drilling

The true definition of borehole drilling is, a deep hole drilled into the ground to extract natural water resources. The majority of UK homes do not have their own water supply, meaning it is mandatory to pay water companies for the privilege of using the water that they supply to us. However it is possible to have your own water supply meaning a minimisation of costs for water use.

With the cost of water use rising and set to rise further, many businesses worldwide are beginning to think of new ways of accessing water. The worldwide water supply is dwindling and as a result of this, water companies will have to raise the cost of using water due to the fact that water will be seen as a precious commodity. Both business and domestic water users believe it or not can have their own water supply.

Borehole drilling companies offer a way of accessing fresh water direct from the earth's core for business or domestic use.  Many countries such as Ghana in West Africa are using this method and as a result are saving significant amounts when it comes to water costs. Borehole drilling makes it possible to create water pumps and water wells for the supply of fresh clean water, eliminating the need to purchase spring or mineral water as well as taking away the need to boil or filter water. This alone is an instant money saver.

Agricultural businesses such as farms vegetable and fruit producers can benefit from having their own water supply. Many people especially domestic home owners might be sceptical or hesitant to create their own water supply because of the initial outlay. However the initial outlay could be considered an investment in future savings. Some may not see the benefits of borehole drilling, however it is worth noting that some borehole drilling companies have reported that customers have recovered the initial monetary spend within a matter of months. The more water used, the more money saved, seems to be the mantra. Businesses will be more likely to make massive savings. Having said this though domestic users can still make significant savings when it comes to water bills.

Borehole drilling is not as widespread as it could be, although many borehole drilling companies have been running for decades catering mainly for the business market. Domestic users are slowly beginning to see the money saving potential of having their own water supply. Especially with the facts in hand, that within the next few years many domestic users are going to see a 30 percent rise in their overall water bills.

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