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white cement and its characteristics....

White cement has become the part and parcel of each house.It has become an essence and necessity for an outstanding look.White concrete in all three aspects of economic, social, and environmental has shown an outstanding sustainable development resulting in greatest popularity with an increasing graph.It increases the durability,reduces the permeability and enhances the overall durability of the concrete. This, in turn, enhances the lifespan. White cement has its unique properties and uses. White cement is produced from raw materials low in coloring elements such as iron, manganese and chromium, normally utilizing high grade limestone, white clay and pure silica as raw materials .Now in this modern world it has a wide spread of uses.Mostly it is used in terrazzo,glass fibre reinforced concrete,as a concrete countertops,roof tiles,cold weather construction,sound walls swimming pools and spas ,etc.It has created wonders in aesthetic purposes. Greater reflectivity will increase visibility,hence it reduces the level of artificial lightning ,enhancing road safety,increase popularity of monumental beauty,dams and bridges. larger surface area and fineness adds to its superiority by making its use in repair works and tile formation and floors It reflects the heat and prevents the seepage ,used to produce Highly adhesive dry-mixes with low shrinkage and no efflorescence.contribute to a better environment by reducing the "Heat Island" effect* economic characteristic makes it unique by Reducing long-term maintenance costs.It doesnt easily fade,eliminates the need for vibration for settling, reduces air pollution,used to make prefabricated pavers and tiles ,adhesive,paints and dry mixes.the unique properties and wide variety uses has created a greater demand of it and price.though its price is very high but overall comparatively it is economic and sufficient in cost saving in future.Its classic features and capability not only has surprised the people but has resulted in greater productionRecent data reveals that India is lagging in the rapid supply and profit market.

ADITYA BIRLA group is one of the major manufacturers having base in rajasthan.through Correct initiatives production as well as demand can be increased to 15 to 25%.Demand for white cement is linked to the economic activity in any country. Broadly, it can be categorized into demand for housing construction and infrastructure creation and government projects. The real driver of cement demand is creation of infrastructure, hence cement demand in emerging economies is much higher.

The production of White Cement requires exact standards and  temperatures around 1500+ degrees.Hence,the manufacture costs much.India is lagging behind the consumption due to several reasons,less buying because of cost, labours/mason/contractors  are to command on the material of supply and hence mostly they prefer to use grey cement because of lack of awareness or mentality of gaining money,white cement is very expensive compared to foreign countries and  competition factor.Effective methods like use of bulk bags,increase production to decrease the overall price,spreading awareness,encouraging more export through the ship , encouraging usage in infrastructures and government projects and etc ,will help to reach the milestone, maintaining contacts with tile,aesthetic related companies for more diversification and etc.


  1. The higher manufacture costs ofproduction of White Cement is because it requires exact standards and temperatures around 1500+ degrees.