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All About Diamond Drilling Equipments

Diamond is the hardest naturally formed mineral found on earth. It is used not only for making expensive and beautiful jewelry but also for making drilling equipments. Since diamonds are very hard, they are ideal for making cutting and grinding equipments. Diamonds can be used to cut, drill, grind and polish. Thus it is greatly used in various industrial applications. Some of the common equipments used are the diamond tipped drill bit and the saw blades. Diamond powder is used as an abrasive in industries. The diamonds used for these purposes are of lesser quality and are called ‘bort’. Thus, there are two grades of diamonds - the gem grade diamond and the industrial grade diamond. The industrial grade diamonds should be hard and have heat conductivity.

The demand for diamonds is greater than the supply, so the diamond drill is very expensive. Although, there are a number of types of drills, the diamond drill is a very essential piece of equipment in an industry that needs to do a lot of drilling. The diamond drill is actually a drill with the diamond drill bit attached to the end of hollow drill rods. The diamonds used are fine to micro fine diamonds. To keep the sharpness and hardness of the diamond drill, it is necessary to give it sufficient lubrication and cooling. The holes made are very clean and giving the best results. The drilling has to be done slowly so that the life of the drill bits can be extended for a longer period of time. Drilling is a laborious process. It is also a tiring and demanding task and uses up a lot of physical energy. But, it needs to be done.

The diamonds drills can make holes in any type of substance, right from a soft one to a hard one. It includes bricks, metals, concrete and any other material without giving out much noise. The holes can be made quickly without any vibrations and much effort, since the drill is made of hard diamond. The diamond drilling equipments are long lasting and penetrate fast to drill a hole.

The diamond drilling equipments are used in all kinds of industrial applications. We are generally not aware of it many uses. They are used by the construction industry for making holes in bricks, concrete and iron. It is used in the mining industry to drill holes at places where there are mines. Wherever holes have to be made for placing cables, where anchoring bolts have to be placed and also where load carrying machines have to be installed, the diamond drilling equipments are used.

There are two types of drilling techniques. The dry drilling technique is used when concrete, hard surfaces, pavements, bricks or any hard surface has to be drilled. The wet drilling technique is used when the place that has to be drilled is fully under water.

The diamond drilling equipments are of different types. Synthetic diamonds are used in the impregnated bit’s matrix series. The matrix layer has the diamonds in a powdered metal bond. They have a long life and also penetrate fast. They are used in many forms of drilling. Surface set diamond bits have a single natural diamond layer. They have a hard matrix compound on the face of the bit. They are used while drilling soft to medium hard surfaces.

Diamond reaming shell has natural or synthetic diamonds. It is used to attach the drill bit to the core barrel. The main work of the reaming shell to make a hole that is exact in diameter for the core barrel to go through, having enough space for a new drill bit, when the old one has to be changed. Long diamond reaming shells are also available for drilling purposes.

Diamond core bits are thing walled core bits that are used in a large number of applications. They are used to drill holes in are concrete, glass, ceramics and also in all kinds of pipes used in electricity, drainage etc. Wet cut drill core bits and dry cut drill core bits are available for various purposes.

Synthetic diamond polycrystalline is also used in making drilling equipments. They are used in making drill bits, reaming shells, saw blades etc. Polycrystalline diamond pads or cutters (PDC) are placed in rows of polycrystalline diamonds kept on tungsten carbide substrate on the bit face, to drill holes in areas that are too sticky or soft. You have PDC core bits and PDC drill bits which are cost effective and very useful in drilling and cutting activities.

The diamond drilling equipments are no doubt expensive, but they are very effective in making clean holes that are necessary for all construction, mining and power, drainage, gas lines purposes. We should check out the various companies that manufacture these equipments, obtain details about the equipments and the price and then order the equipment that we need. The internet would be the best place to gather all the information.


  1. Diamond core bits are thing walled core bits that are used to drill holes in are concrete, glass, ceramics and also in all kinds of pipes used in electricity..

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