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Benefits of Close Cell Foam Insulation for Wall

Spray foam insulation is also much safer than other types of insulation. It is non-allergenic and contains no formaldehyde or chemicals that harm the ozone. It has a Class 1 fire rating (the best of all insulation materials), and inhibits mold and mildew growth. The insulation does not settle, contract, or biodegrade over time. Spray foam insulation can be either open-cell or closed-cell. Of the two, closed-cell foams (polyurethane) have the higher R-Value.

1. Foam acts like instant Glue securing your walls and roof to your house better than nails or screws.

2. Seals all holes around wires, pipes, roof flashings, vents.

3. Seals cracks for bugs and discourages squirals and rats that like fiberglass insulation.

4. Its water proof so it stops leaky roofing.

5. Used as an insulating system from crawlspace to roof it can stop air leakage and temperature swing. This can save  30 to  50% on heat and air costs over normal insulation would cost. At the same time you can downsize your heat and air and save even more.

6. Cuts way down on the amount of dust that is normal for most fiberglass insulation.

7. Difference in cost is recovered quickly with reduced electric bills reduced hvac equipment costs and energy tax credits.

8. Holds the house stucture together 1000 times stronger then conventional framing methods. Good for High Winds.


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