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New Sampling Size for Testing of Compressive Strength of Concrete

Usually 6”x12” size cylindrical samples are taken to test compressive strength of concrete. But 4”x8” sized samples are also satisfy ASTM C31/C31 M03. It is noticed that the  4”x8” sample provides some advantage. These are as follows:

1.  More than three samples of 4”x8” can be made with the concrete that required for a 6”x12” cylinder sampling i.e., 70% concrete is saved.

2. Valuable natural resources( stone, cement, sand etc.) are also saved.

3. Preservation i.e., curing, storing etc. is also easy.

4. Carrying to laboratory is also easy.
6”x12” Concrete cylinder sample
 FIG: 6”x12” sample.
5. According to ASTM Standard, the result derived from both 6”x12” and 4”x8” sample are same.

6. Test fee is also less compared to that of 6”x12” sample.

Thus considering above points it can be concluded that making of 4”x8” cylinder is more easy, comfortable, economical and environment friendly than that of 6”x12”.

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