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Oil Well Drilling Tools, Completion Tools

The advancements in oil and gas industry have fuelled the rapid growth of Indian economy. With the rise in consumption and sale of the oil products the efforts for oil drilling and oil extraction are increasing day by day. With a skilled team of trained application & completion engineers and two decades of manufacturing experience in oil industry, Sparta Oil Tools is a well recognized oil well drilling and completion solutions provider who can support reservoir recovery operations any where in the world.

Oil well drilling solutions

Drilling, completion and production are important phases in oil extraction process. These complex processes require employing advanced well drilling machinery, well completion machinery and production machinery for effective, quicker and easier extraction of oil from the wells. Sparta Oil Tools provides innovative technology developments in the form of flow control systems which are oil field flow control products to accelerate and control the flow of fluids during oil production processes. We excel in providing well designed external casing inflatable packers for oil drilling that are ideal for applications in HPHT, H2S and CO2 environments. These are manufactured with high strength casing steel materials and are best suitable for preventing gas migration and cement loss from thief zones. Our multiple set inflatable packers are field proven, reliable and flexible packers for open-hole applications which are designed to be inflated, deflated and re-inflated multiple times per run. Being well known manufactures of effective cementation for petroleum E & P companies we can provide latest welded and non-welded types of spring centralizers, turbolizers, hinged stop collars and stab-in float equipment for remedial cementing processes, squeeze cementing operations and other cementing and cement moving operations. Various kinds of liner hangers are often employed during oil drilling and production processes for hanging the liners in the existing casings. Sparta Tool's range of liner hangers offers well designed rotating and non-rotating types of mechanical set liner hangers and hydraulic set liner hangers which help to simplify your liner applications by offering well design options for hanging exceptionally heavy liners. Our exclusive line pipe accessories range includes swivel flanges, adapter flanges, weld neck flanges and steel hose assemblies designed to meet various piping needs of the customers.

Oil well completion solutions

Once the drilling and casing operations are finished, completion process is employed for enabling the well to produce oil and gas. Sparta provides advanced well completion tools for E & P companies that have the ability to offer best services for onshore and offshore hole completions. Our mechanical set production packers and compression set production packers are the ideal packers for production, stimulation and injection purposes that can withstand the pressure ratings up to 6000 psi. We also offer high quality rotation set production packers which are best sources for zonal isolation applications. Our wireline set retrievable bridge plugs provide safe and economical methods for zone isolation, formation fracturing, acidizing, and surface equipment repair. The cast iron bridge plugs and composite bridge plugs are ideal varieties of high pressure bridge plugs made of drillable cast-iron available for different tubing purposes.

So whatever may be the requirement for oil drilling and completion equipments whether it is exotic alloy steel, specialized elastomer, premium thread connections or special coatings, Sparta Oil Tools leverages its best expertise to provide ESP 'Y' tools and accessories, NACE, API & ISO oil tools to satisfy customer's needs for high quality and cost effective oil tools.  


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  2. These oil drilling tools and equipments can make an easy work to handle industrial projects.