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What Is Involved In Concrete Cutting And Demolition

Whenever new construction is about to start or any home or building is going to renovate, demolition job is certainly done. During the demolition process when existing structures are removed and concrete vaults and footings are often torn out a lot of harmful and hazardous material is exposed. This is why it is not a DIY task that anyone can undertake easily because it not only requires expertise and special skills but also can be dangerous for any unskilled person. So it is always recommended to hire the services of an expert for concrete cutting.

Concrete cutting is a procedure by which a certain portion is removed from the concreted area while leaving the adjacent area intact. This job is done with the help of special tools that use diamond blades. There are many types of concrete cutting services which one may need to hire in many different scenarios. Some commonly used services are wall swing, core drilling and slab swing.

Wall Swing: -

Wall swing service is usually used when you need to have a square or rectangular cut in a concrete wall for adding up new doorway or window or to open up a large hole for air conditioning ducts. This process is done with the help of power unit, tracks and circular blade mounted to the wall. Four cuts are made and then the cut portion is separated with a push. This service may also be used for lowering a foundation elevation and for foundation removal.

Core Drilling: -

For making holes in the concrete walls, core drilling service is used. Drilling process gives you perfectly round holes. The diameter of these holes can range from 1 inch to 12 inches. This service can be utilized for installing electrical wires, phone or computer lines, manhole or underground taps and water or sewer lines.

Slab Swing: -

Slab swing or flat swing is a process where openings are made in a horizontal flat concrete surface. Special slab saws are used for this type of service. These slab saws use a diamond blade that is attached with a walk-behind machine and one operator is required to operate the machine. The applications where slab swing service may be used include making openings in floors, bridge decks or roads and restructuring or building up a bathroom in a basement.

All types of concrete cutting whether it is wall swing, core drilling or slab swing require skill, experience and special safety measures. If you undertake this task yourself, it can be extremely hazardous to you and your health. Also, greater precision and accuracy is required for this job. So always prefer to contact a professional to ensure that the task is done properly and safely. 


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