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Personal Protective Equipment for Epoxy Resin

When engineering controls cannot sufficiently reduce exposures, a respirator must be worn and a respiratory protection program must be developed, as outlined by Cal/OSHA regulations (GISO 5144). An industrial hygienist or other knowledgeable person should be consulted to ensure that the equipment is appropriate and is used correctly. In some cases a supplied-air respirator may be required.

If frequent or prolonged skin contact with epoxy resin systems is unavoidable or if splashing may occur, protective equipment such as gloves, goggles, or faceshields should be worn. Protective clothing should be made of a material that will protect you from the chemicals in the epoxy resin system you use. Butyl rubber is resistant to some of the chemicals commonly used in epoxy resin systems, while polyvinyl alcohol is resistant to others. Glove materials must be evaluated on an individual basis for each specific product.

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