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Poly-Carboxylate Superplasticizer as Water Reducer for Concrete

Poly-carboxylate-based water reducer is a Light Yellow Powder having packaging details of 25kg/bag 1fcl=17mt. It is a kind of superplasticizer emerged in the early 80' s. It is mainly used in cement concrete. In chemistry, Poly-carboxylate-based is an organic and polymeric electrolyte. It belongs to a polymer surfactant. Therefore, it can also be applied in other paste materials such as gypsum products and ceramic products to reduce water content.
Poly-carboxylate is a weak electrolyte. It can only be fully dissolved in an alkaline solution .It can complex with cations in cement/water system to control the cement hydration process and thus to reduce the slump loss of the concrete. Poly-carboxylate achieves its water reducing effect through the yield of electrostatic repulsion and steric hindrance when it is absorbed to the cement particles. Hence, Poly-carboxylate is the most effective superplasticizer for cement concrete.
Poly-carboxylate is a raw material for superplasticizer. It is recommended that applicants should determine the Poly-carboxylate dosage in their own formulation according to their trial runs.

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