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Sulfonated Melamine-Formaldehyde Resin Superplasticizer for Concrete

Sulfonated Melamine-Formaldehyde Resin Superplasticizer is a White Powder having packaging details of 25kg/bag 1fcl=17mt. Concrete High-range Water-reducer SM (Sulfonated Melamine-formaldehyde Resin) is a polymer electrolyte, SM is the best one of existing concrete admixture in comprehensive properties.

It is able to prepare high-strength concrete and flowing concrete by adding SM into Ordinary Portland Cement. For high-strength concrete the compressive strength will reach or surpass 80MPa.This concrete is largely used in high-raise building and many important prestressed concrete structure of civil engineering. The flowing concrete is usually used for in-site casting and pump concreting,such as mass foundation and other structure with closs arranging reinforcement .

It has a excellent compatibility for Aluminous Cement. It metallurgical industry SM is often used as major admixture for refractory concrete, included castables and field mixes.

The product of SM is of a white or transparent colourless water solution. Owing to this it can be extensively used in inorganic decorative materials such as man-made marble,terrazzo,paints and various gypsum products.  


Appearance White powder
Surface Tension (71±1)×10N/cm
pH Value 7~9
Na2SO4 content 3.0~4.0%
Cl-content 0.3~0.4%

Technical properties
1.For dosage within 0.5~1.0% by weight of cement,the water reduction rate will be 20~25%
2. When dosage is appropriate , It is able to increase the compressive strength of concrete and mortar by 40~100% at one day,by 30~60% at 28 days . The later age strength also in crease (about 20%) .
3. It is able to prepare high strength concrete (60~80MPa,even higher) by using 45.5#~55.5# Ordinary Portland Cement .
4.Adding SM to refractory concrete,from Aluminous Cement,the strength after drying at 110C and after burning at high temperature will increases obviously(by 60~170% for compressive).
5. Because of no air-entrainment SM can be used curing of concrete and their products.
6. The SM is usually applied for α-hemi hydrate gypsum and β-hemi hydrate gypsum,When dosage is 0.5~1.0% by weight of gypsum,It is able to increase the strength of gypsum by high water-reducing rate.