Foundation, Concrete and Earthquake Engineering

What is Seismic Primary Waves( P-Waves)?

Whenever the earth is suddenly struck or disturbed  due to earthquake vibration are produced. These vibrations are setup or start from a limited area and are propagated outward in all directions. Thus an earthquake may be defined as the passage of these vibrations in the earth.

Details of Seismic Primary Waves are:

1) Nature : These are longitudinal or compressional in nature. Therefore it is known as longitudinal waves or compressional waves.

2) Direction of Particle Vibration
: The rock particles vibrates in the direction of propagation of the waves, with a push and pull effect.

: It is the fastest waves and therefore first to be recorded at the recording station. It travels with about the same speed as sound through same rock.

Example :
In granites, P -waves have speed of about 4.8 Km/Sec.

Penetration Capacity
These waves are capable of passing through solids as well as liquides.

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