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Characteristic of Quicklime

The special characteristic of quicklime is its ability to slake with water. When quicklime is mixed with from two to three times its weight of water, a chemical reaction takes place. The calcium oxide combines with water to form calcium hydroxide, and sufficient heat is evolved to bring the entire mass to a boil. The resulting product is a suspension of finely divided calcium hydroxide (and magnesium hydroxide or oxide if dolomitic lime is used) in water. On cooling, the semifluid mass stiffens to a putty of such consistency that it may be shoveled or carried in a hod. This slaked quicklime putty, when cooled and preferably screened, is the material used in construction. Quicklime should always be thoroughly slaked.
The yield of putty will vary, depending on the type of quicklime, its degree of burning, and slaking conditions, and will usually be from 70 to 100 ft3of putty per ton of quicklime. The principal use of the putty is in masonry mortars, where it is particularly valuable because of the high degree of plasticity or workability it imparts to the mortar. It is used at times as an admixture in concrete to improve workability.

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