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Properties of Tsunami Waves

Properties of tsunami waves 

a) Speed

i) Open ocean

The waves propagate across the deep ocean at jetliner speeds. The speed is of the order of 450~600 miles per hour in open ocean.

ii) Near coast

The wave slows down to highway speeds as it enters shallow water, and it sometimes runs ashore as a tide like flood.

b) Wave Length

Tsunami would not be felt by ships. This is due to large wave length of its propagation. This length may be hundreds of miles long.

c) Amplitude

i) Open ocean

The amplitude of waves in open ocean is only few feet. As the length of waves is large a sea surface slope of gentle value occurs.

ii) Near coast

As the waves approach the coast, their speed decrease and their amplitude increase. These unusual wave heights have been known to be over 100feet height.

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