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What Do Stair Lifts Cost?

What do stair lifts cost? The cost of a stair lift is dependent on many factors. A stair lift is a great accessibility option for the elderly, handicapped and other mobility challenged people who have difficulty in walking and moving up and down the stairs. With a stair lift, they can enjoy moving about their multistoried apartment with minimum or completely no assistance from others.

Factors Affecting the Stair Lift Cost

The price of stair lifts may vary according to various factors. In the market, there are so many models of stair lifts available and the price depends on specific features, size, shape, level of automation, quality, and more.

There are different types of stair lifts: straight stair lifts, stair lifts for curved stairs, wheelchair platform lifts, outdoor stair lifts, Bruno stair lifts, pre-owned or used stair lifts and goods stair lifts. Stair lift prices depend on what type of stair lift you are planning to purchase.

Listed here are some of the factors that affect the stair lift cost:

1. the various functional and safety features included

2. the length of your stairs

3. whether the stair lift is battery powered (expensive) or AC operated

4. Whether it is an outdoor stair lift (expensive) or an indoor one

5. Whether it is a straight stair lift or a curved stair lift (expensive). A straight stair lift is less expensive. This type of stair lift can be purchased for around $1500. A curved stair lift could start at around $4000 and cost upwards of $10,000.
The shape of your staircase and the length of the track also affect the cost of a stair lift. The quality of stair lifts and accessories that you might choose to add will also have an effect on the cost. For instance, many people opt to add a swivel chair, folding arm rests, fold-out foot plates, or grocery baskets and this will raise the cost of stair lifts. Normally, you could say that most accessories will each add about $200 to the overall cost.

If you want one that is of a top range and a great model with lots of safety features, then obviously you have to pay a good price for that. It is important to decide which stair lift ideally fits your stair case. If you can't decide on which stair lift to choose for your stairs, you can seek assistance from a stair lift company of your choice. Make sure to choose a reliable manufacturer so that you will get a price list that includes the right price range for different types of stair lifts. Or, simply visit a dealer website or any shop to make a comparative study of the cost of stair lifts.


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  2. When choosing the best stair lift for you, it’s best to ask the advice of your doctor. That way, you can be sure that your chosen type of stair lift is good for your condition. Also, consider the design of your stairs and, of course, keep your budget in mind.

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