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Carbon Fiber Surfacing Mat

Carbon Fiber Surfacing Mat is a new subclass material for FRP/GRP materials. It’s characterized by uniform fiber distribution  which are made by using a polymer binder, smooth surface, excellent permeability and absorbability. In many fields and composite material applications, carbon mat can play outstanding characters of carbon fiber, and decrease producing cost. 

-Chemical Vessels and filtration Carbon surfacing mat is used to produce all kinds of    pipes,tanks and sumps because of corrosion for strong acid & alkali and seawater, and also to filter corrosive gas and liquid.

-Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastics Carbon fiber mat can make the surface of FRP/GRP products smooth,conceal veins of woven roving,fabric or textile,pliantly affix the surface of complex shaped articles .
Carbon Fiber Mat
-Cover of Electronic Instrument Covers made of carbon surfacing mat has more thin and lighter shell,high strength and stiffness for creep resistant, and EMC & RFI protection .

-Electronic Industry Electronic components, devices & industrial equipment stage decorated with carbon fiber surfacing mat can effect EMC & RFI protection and ESD, and this mat can be used in reflection satellite.
tensile strength(MPa)
Young's Modulus (Gpa)
Average diameter (μm)
Resistivity (mΩ.cm)
carbon content (wt%)

Carbon Fiber Mat is featured with:

High-temperature resistance
Rub resistance
Corrosion resistance
Aeolotropism ,soft,can be used to weave
Along the fiber axis, has high tensile strength and Young's modulus

Practical Products:

Example 1:

Carbon Fiber Mat


ACP's carbon mat is an advanced nonwoven carbon fiber mat incorporating 100% carbon fibers (approx. 1" in length) bonded together in a random fiber matrix. Carbon mat is compatible with all epoxy and polyester resin systems. It is especially useful for reinforcement of ribs, bulkheads, corner joints and wing center sections. When reinforcing a wing center section, it is recommended that the carbon mat (.5 Oz.) be used under 1.4 Oz. glass in lieu of reinforcing the center section with 4 Oz. glass alone. This will result in a lighter but stiffer structure.

Example 2:

U. S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC):  Carbon fiber reinforcing mats are used to strengthen the slabs for upward loading and reduce the likelihood of slab collapse from blast infill uplift pressures as well as internal explosions in mailrooms or other susceptible spaces.

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