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Features of Ultraviolet Disinfection Module

UV disinfection Module is equipment that achieves an inactivation in germ rate of more than 99.9%, installed in filling equipment for milk products and drinks, for the disinfection of conveyor belts, transport containers. The equipment achieves an inactivation in germ rate of more than 99.9%. 

The immersion lamp consists of a UV low pressure lamp together with a starter, sealed into a water-tight protective quartz tube and fitted with a waterproofed lead. The lamps may be used directly in the water in either a vertical or horizontal position.

The effective penetration depth of the UVC radiation in clear water is 30 to 50 cm. Depending on the length of the immersion lamp, a cylindrical volume of 60 to 100 cm diameter and 20 to 80 cm length can be disinfected in a few minutes.
Ultraviolet Lamp from RadiumDisinfection Modules are ready-to-use build-in systems consisting of:
· One or more UV cassettes, window size: length 365 mm
-1315 mm x width of 107 mm - 370 mm at an electrical power of 140 W-1000 W
· UV low pressure lamp
· Forced air cooling using ambient air
· Power supply 50/60Hz, 230 V + 15%
· Quartz glass panes equipped with a breakage detector
· CE-certification
· International Protection Class IP 55 
Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation Module
Advantages of the UV Disinfection Modules:
· Cold, intense UV radiation
· No chemicals required
· High disinfection rate in just a few seconds
· Low operating costs
· Simple retro-fitting in existing machines
· Breakage detector as part of your HACCP concept
· Easy monitoring of the disinfecting irradiation using a DIC measuring instrument as part of its DIN ISO 9001 quality management system

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