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Handling and Storage of Fibre-Reinforced Polymer Composites Materials

FRPC system materials including adhesives and resins shall be used in order of manufacture. They shall be stored in dry conditions not exposed to direct sunlight, in strict accordance with the material manufacturer’s data sheet requirements and within the manufacturer’s specified maximum and minimum temperature range. Materials shall remain in their original, sealed containers until time of use. 

All material shall be brought to site in the original unopened cans clearly labelled with the appropriate manufacturer’s name, product type, reference number and batch number. Materials stored beyond the manufacturers recommended shelf life shall not be used. 
FRP wrap concrete beamFRPC plates, laminates or strips shall be supplied and stored on site such that damage or contamination does not occur. Plates, laminates and strips shall be free from unintended curves, bows, wraps, undulations or twists.

Plates, laminates and strips shall be handled with clean gloves under dry conditions, and touching of ready for bonding surfaces without peel ply shall be avoided. Where FRPC materials are fitted with protective peel ply to ensure a clean surface, the ply shall be removed immediately prior to application and touching of the surface shall be avoided.
Typologies of fibre-reinforced composite materials
Typologies of fibre-reinforced composite materials
FRPC fabric sheets or rolls shall be kept free from any contamination. The FRPC fabric sheets shall be handled carefully and shall be free from wraps, twists or fibre misalignment. Any protective peel ply shall be removed immediately prior to application. They shall be stored either by being rolled to a radius greater than 300 mm or by being dry stacked after cutting and shall be protected from dust and moisture.

Handling and preparation precautions shall be in accordance with the material manufacturer’s recommendations and material data sheets. The Contractor shall maintain records showing which elements were treated with each batch of FRPC system material.

The Contractor shall provide, for each batch of FRPC system material, a copy of the manufacturer’s information as specified below:

(a) Manufacturer’s name and address;

(b) Product reference;

(c) Batch number of identification;

(d) Quantity manufactured in the batch; and Certificate of date of manufacture

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