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Oil Well drilling techniques

Oil has gained the reputation of having become one of the most precious commodities that has been found on earth. Nations which possess this valuable reserve have become the most powerful and wealthy in this world and in other words really rule the world economy. This wonder commodity has become an irreplaceable thing whether it is utilized for the industrial applications or for the domestic purposes.

Most of the countries the world over in the past used to depend very much on the crude oil that was being imported from foreign countries mainly from the gulf regions. As a result these countries had to pay huge amounts that were needed for shipping the oil to their respective regions. With the development of the modern technology almost all the countries in this world have taken up the work of exploring for the untapped oil reserves within their geographical boundaries. 
Comparision between horizontal drilling and conventional drilling (horizontal drilling can extract more as it can run along the mineral bearing strutum)
Comparision between horizontal drilling and conventional drilling (horizontal drilling can extract more as it can run along the mineral bearing strutum)
In this endeavor most of the countries have really succeeded well enough with the discovery of huge oil reserves. This made them self sufficient for meeting their own home needs of crude oil and in many cases they had surplus amounts of crude which they could export to other oil needing countries and gain the foreign exchange.
Horizontal drilling reaching oil bearing stratum
Oil wells were regarded as the wealth of any nation and the amount of oil that was drilled out from these oil wells started to decrease with the course of time. Thus the modern scientific community has made huge technological advances in the refinement of the drilling techniques that was followed in the past. The oil well drilling methods that were used in the past involved the conventional drilling method which was called as the percussion method. This method was being widely followed in almost all the oil wells across the world. In this oil well drilling technique the earth's surface is penetrated by means of a very heavy tool that drills out the oil through the hole. The greatest disadvantage of this method was that, this process was a really slow and time consuming process and the drilling had to be occasionally stopped. There are numerous oil wells and gas wells across the world and several best producing oil wells for sale are listed here.

In the case of the modern drilling methods the oil well drillers use the horizontal drilling method, which was found to be a very effective method when compared to the conventional drilling method that was used till now. The greatest advantage of this method was that the wells that were drilled by the horizontal drilling had larger surface area which in turn made the oil well to be highly productive.

These modern drilling techniques have ensured the oil drilling and exploration companies to reach out the pockets of oil reserves that are located far away from the drill site. As a result of this the oil drilling companies are able to reach out the oil pockets that are located near the heavily populated areas without causing any sort of disturbance to the people over there or to the environment of that particular locality. Hence it can be said that the modern drilling techniques have become a boon to the oil drilling companies.

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