Foundation, Concrete and Earthquake Engineering

Spectrum for Polyurethane Grout Applications

Wherever concrete has to be sealed, polyurethanes are the first choice. The spectrum for PU-grout applications is extremely wide. It includes residential work such as leaky basement repair, sealing of pools and concrete balconies and countless applications in commercial areas such as tunnels, bridges and parking garages. Cracks in below grade walls are injected, and liquid membranes behind walls are created with polyurethanes by curtain injection. Drinking and wastewater tanks are being sealed as well as leaky manholes and pipes.

The injection can be done from the negative-side without digging and without access to the waterside. Polyurethanes work in the crack and behind the structure where they create a reliable barrier to prevent further water intrusion. In combination with packers, inject pipes and inject-tubes, grouts offer a dimension of applications unmatched by any other injection material.

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