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Flowcrete from Holcim

Flowcrete is a specially modified, highly workable, cohesive readymix concrete designed to meet specific placement and performance requirements. Flowcrete is made from specially selected raw materials and registered admixtures that are exclusively available to Holcim. This gives the concrete enhanced fluidity without promoting segregation normally found in highly fluid mixes. Flowcrete allows greater flexibility in both design and construction.

Flowcrete is designed for strengths from 15 MPa upward for normal placing or pumping. Once placed, Flowcrete is virtually self-compacting and self-levelling, with no segregation and minimal bleeding. The rate of strength gain and attainment of specified 28-day compressive strengths are the same as for normal concrete. Durability is enhan-ced due to improved compaction, and very high quality off-shutter surfaces are obtained. Shrinkage characteristics of Flowcrete are similar to normal concrete.

Flowcrete features and benefits:
Flowcrete Flooring
  • Faster discharge
  • Ease of placement
  • Less equipment
  • Fluidity - flows through narrow spaces and irregular shapes
  • High quality off-shutter finishes
  • Increased free fall limits and deeper lifts without segregation
  • Improved level tolerances of floors and slabs
  • High quality finishes can be easily achieved
  • Excellent workability
  • No segregation - workability is achieved without compromising cohesion
  • Greater productivity - flexibility and efficient use of labour 

Placement benefits:
  • Lower pumping pressures and longer pipelines allow for less relocation of the pump during pours.
  • Flowcrete may be pumped over longer distances, due to its fluidity.
  • Flowcrete may be pumped at a faster speed over distance.


Flowcrete may be used for all applications:
  • Complex shapes
  • Areas of congested reinforced elements
  • Intricate architectural applications

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