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Geoplasma: Introducer of Plasma Gasification in United States

Over last fifty years technologies around plasma arc waste disposal i.e., plasma gasification are developed, few facilities over the world was developed and in the United States their exist no facilities.

To change this situation, Geoplasma, part of real estate developer Jacoby Group, has announced that its planned plasma refuse plant in St. Lucie County, Florida is expected to come online by 2011.

Their plan and facilities are as below:

When trash is put into the plasma converter, the 10,000°F heat vaporizes the solid materials, producing a "syngas" consisting mostly of hydrogen and carbon monoxide. This gas is used to turn an electrical turbine; steam generated in the process can be also utilized to generate electricity.
NASA Invented Plasma Gasification Technique
Location: GeoPlasma-St. Lucie Waste-to Energy

Geoplasma’s facility will process some 1,500 tons of garbage a day, and have a net power capacity of 60 MW. In addition to the power generated, the methane emissions from the landfill can be significantly reduced. Geoplasma says that prices for electricity produced from its facility will be on par with natural gas.

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