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Industrial Mezzanines-Understanding mezzanine loading

consumer understand these loads when determining their floor loading. Mezzanine floor loading is generally discussed in uniform load when you are talking with a sales person. Uniform load is often misunderstood as being the point load, So let's start with uniform load, this is the load that can be placed on the entire surface of the mezzanine, let's say you are considering a mezzanine floor of 50'x50' so the uniform load would be 50x50 = 2,500 square feet and you are considering a typical storage factor of 125 pounds per square foot, 2,500 SF x 125PSF = 312,500 pounds max load distributed evenly over the entire floor. The most common industrial mezzanine floor loads are 125 PSF, 150 PSF and 250 PSF.
Industrial Mezzanines
But are certainly not limited to these loads however the price begins increase significantly after 300 PSF the loading for a mezzanine floor to be used as an office is typically 70-85 pounds per square foot uniform load. Normally the end user will not will not determine point loads, line loads or dynamic loads, so we are only providing explanations of these loads to help you understand what they are in order to provide the engineer or mezzanine manufacture with the proper information to determine your requirements. The point load is the pressure that can be placed a specific area of the mezzanine floor such as a shelf leg or a filing cabinet. Line load is the pressure placed on the floor by such objects as a partition wall or shelving without legs. Dynamic loads also referred to as live loads are forces that are changing such as people, electric motors running, earth quakes. Dead Load is the structure itself and anything that has become permanent such as a partition or sprinkler line.

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