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Requirements of Tremie Pipe for Bored Pile Construction

Tremie Pipe is important element of Bored pile construction process. Tremie pipe system is applied to deliver the concrete from the bucket and hopper to the bottom of the pile. Requirements for Tremie pipe are as below:

- The type of tremie pipe together with sizes, pipe connection, length and other relevant information must be submitted to the Engineer for approval.

- Every sections of the pipe must be labeled in order to make it easier to check pipe lengths while connecting or removing pipes.

- Tremie pipe must be in good condition and easy to connect and disconnect as well as being tight enough to prevent water seepage.

- The Engineer shall have the authority to prohibit the use of a tremie pipe that appear to be defective. Any additional expense brought about by this replacement shall be the responsibility of the Contractor.

- Sufficient number of spare tremie pipes must be available, and ready for use when necessary.

- While pouring concrete, tremie pipe must remain submerged within the concrete at least 2 meters, and must be moved frequently to prevent sticking to concrete. The tip of tremie pipe must remain submerged in the concrete while removing portions of tremie pipe to prevent bentonite slurry from entering the tremie pipe.

- Equipment to be used to pump out the bentonite slurry from tremie pipe must be approved prior to usage.

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