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Swedish Deep Soil Stabilization Research Centre

The Swedish Deep Stabilization Research Centre (SD, was founded in 1995 with the aim to initiate and implement comprehensive R&D activities related to dry mixing methods and their practical applications. The objectives and activities were formulated as an industry-wide effort, including government and municipal authorities, material suppliers, contractors, consultants, the Swedish Geotechnical Institute (SGI) and universities. During the progress of the project, the scope was adapted to also include mass stabilization. The main objectives of SD were to:
  • establish functional requirements for deep mixing regarding safety and maintenance,

    Fig: Standard deep mixing tool
  • provide a platform for increased application areas of the method,

  • create export opportunities for the industry, by introduction of system concepts for reinforced ground,
  • introduce innovative application method aiming at increased competitiveness, overall economy and potential cost savings,
  • reduce construction time and avoiding restrictions during the construction phase,
  • assure a high competence level by contacts between project owners, contractors, material suppliers, consultants and researchers.
The activities of SD ended in 2001 and resulted in a large number of publications. SD produced 12 reports, several of them in English. These will be presented in more detail below.

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