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Advantages of Using Pre-tensioned Prestressed Beams

A beam is a flexure member. It may be of steel, wood or any other structural materials. Reinforced concrete beams are nonhomogeneous in that they are made of two entirely different materials. A flexural member should suffer a axial compression force less than Ag fc´/10.Pre-tensioned Prestressed Beams are one of many forms of reinforced concrete beams where tension force is applied before casting to high tensile steel tendons around which the concrete is to be cast.

Advantages of Using Pre-tensioned Prestressed Beams  are:

High quality 

Stressing of Prestressing Strands
Factory production ensures good and consistent quality production of concrete beams, with minimal supervision.

Shorter project leadtime

Casting of beams and construction work on site are able to progress simultaneously, reducing overall project leadtime. 

Ease of construction 
Precasting of beams are done at factory, hence no scaffolding/props/falsework are required over rivers or roads.

Cost saving        

Expensive falseworks otherwise required in certain situations are done away; shorter construction duration also means lower overall costs.              

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