Foundation, Concrete and Earthquake Engineering

Quality of Concrete to Survive Fire Hazard

Normally concrete is not supposed to be exposed to jet or auxiliary power unit exhaust for extended periods of time. It is intended to stop thermal damage in the upper surface concrete. Concrete exposed to high temperatures must be of high quality.

It should have a low water/cement ratio, and it must be properly cured. Leaner concrete mixes perform better than richer mixes. Construction must also be of high quality. Proper consolidation and proper finishing are critical. Finishing techniques that cause a paste on the surface will result in scaling.
Selection of the proper materials in the concrete also has a dramatic effect on heat resistance. Aggregate selection probably is the most important single materials-related factor; however, no standard specification has been developed for heat-resistant aggregate. An aggregate with a low coefficient of thermal expansion is generally considered to be desirable.

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