Foundation, Concrete and Earthquake Engineering

Special Advantages of Reinforced Concrete

Structural engi­neer, for the given con­ditions, have total responsibility to select the best structural system from many alternatives. Cooperation with the architect in the early stages of a project is essen­tial in developing a structure that not only meets functional and esthetic requirements but exploits to the fullest the special advantages of reinforced concrete keeping in mind of overall economy and serviceability. Special advantages of reinforced concrete include following:

Versatility of forms

Usually placed in the structure in the fluid state. the mate­rial is readily adaptable to a wide variety of architectural and functional requirements.

Concrete StructureDurability

With proper concrete protection of the steel reinforcement, the structure will have long life, even under highly adverse climatic or environmental conditions.

Fire resistance
With proper protection for the reinforcement. a reinforced concrete structure provides the maximum ill lire protection.

Speed of construction

In terms of the entire period. from the date of approval of the contract drawings to the date of completion. a concrete building can often be Completed in less time than a steel structure. Although the field erection of a steel building is more rapid, this phase must necessarily he preceded by prefabrication of all parts in the shop.


In many cases the first cost of a concrete structure is less than that of a comparable steel structure. In almost every case. maintenance costs are less.

Availability of labor and material

It is always possible to make use of local sources of labor, and in many inaccessible areas, a nearby source of good aggregate can be found, so that only the cement and reinforcement need to be brought in from a remote source.

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