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Wonders of a Damper

A damper could be defined as a device that controls, and ventilates. It could also be known as a shock absorber; a hydraulic designed to dissipate a kinetic energy and used to control pressure like flame, heat or air on a certain part. There are a lot of types of dampers that you could use depending on what suits your needs. Choosing the correct and perfect type of damper is crucial to achieve the required performance. There are a few general types of a damper.

One type of these device is the flow control damper, this can be continuously be modulated to maintain a level of flow given in the system. Another type is the pressure control damper that controls more on the pressure in the system; a balancing damper is another type that is set in a fixed position done manually to make the baseline flow.

Balancing Damper for VentilationThere are some types of damper that specialized in shutting off or completely stopping the flow on some portion of the system like the isolation damper but this could be manually done. If you prefer to automatically close a flow or pressure you could use the check damper. Another type of this is the pressure relief damper, what it does is it will automatically close a flow once there would be an overpressure on the flow, this is a perfect type of damper that prevent damages to the system.
These dampers could also be available on most of the fan manufacturers being advertised online, or local newspapers. This could be the case because most clients if not all when purchasing a fan would most likely be needing a damper as well.
Butterfly Dampers for Gas Flow Isolation

Most damper manufacturers are shipping custom made orders to suit the client's needs. There are a lot of customers looking for something less expensive but could still solve their automation damping challenges. They prefer damper that is maintenance free controls that could be perfect for drilling and tapping equipment, pick and place automation, tooling fixtures, swinging loads, lids and more.
Pressure Control Damper to regulate the air volume through a section of duct
The competitions between damper manufacturers are very obvious online. One damper manufacturer I read online was even offering free samples and promising to deliver it on time or a small percentage of the payment would be deducted.

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