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Insurance for Underpinned Houses

A lot of not so good commentary are made regarding houses that went through reinforcement. In fact, there are whole forums that can be found on the internet that discuss about the topic of underpinned houses and everything that involves those houses. See, these houses seem to have gotten a bad rep and not without basis of course. But contrary to common notion, these houses are completely okay but because they have been underpinned, they are difficult to sell and what's more, acquiring an underpinned house insurance can be difficult for the owner.

You can ask an underpinned house owner and for sure, you will hear tragic testimonies regarding their property insurance. These type of houses or structures are challenging to sell and obtain an insurance because they are marked as hazardous and you have to understand that no insurance company would be willing to cover a property that will potentially stash money from them in the future. This can be also the same reason why underpinned houses are so difficult to sell in the market. 

mAn Underpinned House
If you are contemplating about investing in an underpinned house or if you are presently keeping one, it would be worthwhile for you to take a look at insurance companies that are willing to offer underpinned property insurance to homeowners and would-be owners like you. The insurance company will request for the builder's note regarding your house and the reason why it was reconstructed together with the actions applied to solve the problem.

This is one of the ways for the insurance company to determine if the property is eligible for underpinned house insurance because if they see that the house still requires more improvement, they will not think about insuring it. Once the dangers have been assessed individually, that is when they will provide you the estimate for the insurance that you need or that may be the time when they will tell you that your house is simply too unstable for them to give it insurance. In that case, you can consider to have your house fixed to avoid its condition to get worse and for you to totally lose a house. These are just some of the things you must bear in mind if you are thinking about getting an underpinned house or if you already own one.


  1. Making sure your house is properly underpinned is essential! We just found out that our house is deteriorating underneath. What can these underpinning methods and services do to help our house out?
    Celine |

  2. I took a class that talked a little bit about foundation underpinning. I wanted to do a little more research on it and came across your article. I can see how an underpinned house owner would have tragic stories regarding their insurance. I am not sure if I will ever invest in an underpinned house but its good to know the facts before doing so.

    Jessie |

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