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Piling Health Hazards

Pile is deep foundation. Like other deep foundation they are also used where soil in shallow depth does not provide enough bearing reaction to support a heavily loaded pier, column or other member that transfer loads(moment, axial load or lateral thrust etc.). Bored pile is the customized forms of piling process which is adopted in the world as most reliable deep foundation with effecting surrounding foundation of neighbor structures 
Piling health hazards 

There are many health (and safety) hazards during pile operations which are listed below:

1. Manual handling aspects to changing auger heads
Hazard during pouring concrete
2. Contaminated land hazards

3. Dermatitis and other cement-related hazards

4. Manual handling and injury risks in placing rebar cage along with cement-related hazards

5. Cement related and manual handling hazards (excess concrete typically removed by hand)

6. Major hand-arm and whole body vibration hazards (HAVS/WBVS), noise, dust and other manual handling hazards

7. Insitu concrete hazards (many and various) 
Most of these hazards are prevalent in many construction operations and as such are not remarkable to those experienced in construction – more worryingly they are frequently just accepted as the norm. Among these breaking down of the pile top is considered as the most hazardous operation in terms of occupational health.

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