Foundation, Concrete and Earthquake Engineering

Piling operations

Pile is used where soil in shallow depth does not provide enough bearing reaction to support a heavily loaded pier, column or other member that transfer loads (moment, axial load or lateral thrust etc.). Bored pile is the customized forms of piling process which is adopted in the world as most reliable deep foundation with effecting surrounding foundation of neighbor structures. The major piling operations with figures are stated below (Figures are marked at lower left corner with corresponding steps): 

1. Auger fitted with appropriate head

2. Auger drilled into ground to required depth

3. Concrete poured down hollow core of auger whilst auger is removed

Steps of Piling operations
4. Steel reinforcement cage pushed into wet concrete

Steps of Piling operations
5. Wet concrete overspill at ground level
Steps of Piling operations
6. Ground level reduced and top section of pile 'broken down' to desired level
Steps of Piling operations
7. Pile cap or capping beam constructed

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