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Pressure Control Damper from SGL

SGL Systems International manufactured a simple device designed to regulate the air volume through a section of duct. The dampers are designed to operate within the following environments, but not limited to:‐ 

a) High velocity systems. 

b) Saline and corrosive environments. 

c) Differential pressure of up to 20mbarg. 

d) Damper blades shall not extend beyond the damper casing 

Pressure control dampers are usually controlled by a modulating positioner in conjunction with a pneumatic or electric actuator. Automatic pressure-off dampers are normally controlled via a 4-20mA or 5-20VDC control signal, being connected to a status panel or HVAC Control Panel. The control of this damper is modulating and is infinitely positional. 

Pressure Control Damper
SafeDamp™ Type SFD 611/13dampers are supplied with single or multiple opposed blades. Maximum size for one blade is 1200mm wide by 450mm high. For widths greater than 1200mm a centre mullion is incorporated. For heights in excess of 450mm, multi-blades are incorporated being interconnected by mechanical linkages. These dampers are suitable for mounting and operation in any position with airflow from any direction and are supplied with straight edge termination flanges to suit Client interface.
Important features are: 

• Materials of Construction to suit application 

• All Welded construction 

• Standard 3mm thick casing 

• Stainless steel ¾” shafts 

• ¾” Oilite bearings 

• Damper depth to suit client requirements 

• Controls specification to suit Client 

• Low pressure drop 

• Lifting eyes incorporated 

• Earth Bosses standard 

• Suitable for high velocity systems 

• This damper is designed and manufactured  to close tolerances to minimise leakage  when the blades are in the closed position. Specific requirements regarding leakage can be addressed during project design with our engineers. 

• Electro‐pneumatic, electric or manual 

operation available

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