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Titanium carbide nanoparticles and Its applications

It possesses high purity, small and uniform particle diameter, high surface activity, large specific surface area, low loose loading density, anti high temperature, anti-oxidation, high strength, high hardness, excellent thermal conductibility, good toughness, violet high shield larger than 80%, excellent electric conductibility, good chemical inertia to iron and steel etc .

1) It is an extremely hard refractory ceramic material, similar to tungsten carbide, it provides higher activity, lower sintering temperature, higher ductile & strength and 80% higher reflection of UV light. 1) It can be used as abrasives, enhancement particle coating, can improve wear resistance, toughness and hardness of hard alloys, bearings alloy, nozzles, cutting tools, tool bits. nano ceramic composited with TiN, WC, Al2O3 especially for petrochemical & refractory uses. The resistance to wear, corrosion, and oxidation of a tungsten carvide-cobalt material can be increased by adding 6% of TiC to tungsten carbide. Tool bits without tungsten content can be made of titanium carbide in nickel-cobalt matrix cermets, enhancing the cutting speed, precision, and smoothness of the piece. This material is used as a heat shield for atmospheric re-entry of space shuttles and similar vehicles. The substance may be also polished and used in scratch-proof watches.

2) It is good for optical use (hard and transparent). 

3) Nucleating/conductive filler for smaller grain size with improved mechanical & conductive properties etc. for plastics.

Detailed Product Description
Purity: >% 99.0 min 
Crystal Form: Cubic 
Color: Black 
APS: 30nm
CAS No.: 12070-08-5 
EINECS Number: 235-120-4 
Form: Powder 
Solubility in / Miscibility with Water: Insoluble 
Hazard class: 4.1, UN3178

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