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Extension of Barcelona Metro: The Deepest Electrified Railways Lines

The Barcelona Metro (Metro de Barcelona) run underground in central Barcelona and above ground into the city's suburbs. There have been 3 driverless lines since 2009: Line 11, Line 9 and Line 10, in chronological order. In 2002 ATM announced that two additional lines would built in the near future, L12 and L13. 

Now a 43 km long extension project is keep going with expected cost of €6.5 billion. When completed, it will be the longest and one of the deepest lines in Europe and the longest metro line in the world of entirely new construction. It will also be the most expensive enterprise the Catalan government has ever undertaken. This project is expected to end in 2012.
Barcelona's metro station Gavarra (L5)

This project has made extensive use of precast tunnel lining-segments incorporating steel reinforcement fibres. FRC tunnel ring segments were cast off-site and comprised 7 segments of 4.56m length [48degree length of arc] plus a 24 degree keystone, per ring. Each ring has going-length of 1.80m and is 350mm thick. The lines run as follows:

Network map of Barcelona Metro Lines
Network map of Barcelona Metro Lines

Barcelona Metro

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