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Impact Resistant Windows and Doors from MC

The strong wind force or flying debris can obliterate windows and doors if shutters are not out up. When there is a hurricane warning, people become worried about their windows and doors which is not designed to withstand such condition. 

MC Impact Windows and Shutters Corp manufactures Hurricane resistant windows and doors that meet or exceed Dade County Impact Protocols. Impact resistant windows and doors complement the architectural elegance of your home and are engineered to withstand hurricane wind force and flying debris.
Impact Resistant Glass
Impact Resistant Glass
These lines of windows and doors are manufactured with aluminum, which is 43 times stronger than wood and 30 times stronger than vinyl. The specially laminated glass has sound insulating properties to reduce noise by 90% and 100% UV protection to protect your artwork, drapes and furniture, as well as provide great energy savings for a cooler, more comfortable ambience.
The insulated impact resistant glass is composed of a piece of heavy polyvinyl butyral plastic interlayer sandwiched between two pieces of double–strength glass.

The laminated glass is then combined with another piece of double-strength tempered or anneal glass to form an insulated glass unit. This unit is then sealed together to form a strong, impact resistant bond, which is then glazed into the sash to hold the glass to the frame.

The glazing process uses a structural back bedding system to ensure the entire unit passes impact tests.


  1. There are various surveys that are being performed regularly to check the durability of Impact Windows.

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    Impact resistant windows can help you save even more money because they are much less likely to break than traditional windows. These windows are available in most all styles and configurations as other windows, but give you the added peace of mind that comes from knowing your windows are strong and secure. Thanks a lot......