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Polyester Swimming Pool Coating System from Chloripur™

Polyester Swimming Pool Coating System is the ultimate choice for resurfacing concrete, metal, and fiberglass swimming pools. Whether a new swimming pool application or a restoration, the benefits of using Polyester Coating are clear. The ingredient used in this coating is not an epoxy, chlorinated rubber or flourinated polyurea.

This unique coating system for swimming pool is manufactured by Spraybilt ® and product name is ChloriPur™. ChloriPur™ is a unique polyurea formulation which will outperform all other conventional swimming pool coatings currently available to the specialty coatings industry.

Polyester Swimming Pool Coating System
ChloriPur™ is a high-build, 100% solids, fast-set coating, specifically engineered for chlorinated or chemically treated swimming pools, aquariums or other water features. ChloriPur™ has been tested for continuous water immersion applications where chlorine levels are as high as 250,000 parts per million (ppm). Containing no volatile organic compounds (VOC), this unique product is based on organic chemistry and is not harmful to human or aquatic life.

With natural anti-fouling characteristics, ChloriPur™ is easy to clean and maintain. ChloriPur™ has the most durable, abrasion and impact resistant surface of any swimming pool coating in today's market. ChloriPur™ is spray-applied and produces a completely seamless coating. For complete waterproof protection and a beautiful finish available in six standard colors, specify ChloriPur™ on your next project.


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