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Special Features of Impact Resistant Windows and Doors

The impact resistant doors and windows can resist hurricane and storm related impact. With its special features it helps people in coastal or hurricane prone areas to have a nice dream or tensionless work environment. The products from MC and Lifestyle Remodeling have some special features which are summarized below:


It begins with the thickness of our aluminum alloyed frames material, to the exacting engineering specifications and finally to the careful assembly in the manufacturing plant. Our frames have a 30-50% thicker gauge than the leading competitors and we only use the highest quality hardware for longer lasting performance.

Impact Resistant Glass
Impact Resistant Glass

These windows and doors (hurricane windows and doors) provide 24/7 protection for you and your family against hurricanes and intruders. Hurricane safe windows need no outdoor shutters or coverings, which means that they can be opened to provide an escape route in the event of an emergency. Unlike shutters which do not offer visibility during storms and darkens the home, resistant windows create a more comfortable environment during inclement weather and you don ’t have to worry about putting up, taking down or storing shutters.


With (hurricane) impact resistant windows and doors you can expect to reduce your energy costs over regular single pane glass. The low air infiltration minimizes heat transfer between the inside and the outside, thereby increasing energy efficiency. Also impact resistant windows and doors are available with Low E coatings and/or insulated glass to maximize thermal efficiency even further.     



With impact resistant windows your delicate art, upholsteries, carpets and other sensitive materials are better protected from fading... Why? Because laminated glass blocks almost 99% of harmful and damaging UV rays.


Hurricane impact resistant doors and windows are designed to achieve a significant reduction in the transmission of sound. The combination of laminated glass and low air infiltration provides for a quieter, more private home or business. 


Impact resistant glass provides 24/7  protection against intruders for you, your family and your belongings. Even if the glass cracks, it will remain in place, resisting glass fallout.


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    Impact resistant doors and windows can provide assurance and a layer of added protection to homeowners. Impact resistant doors and windows are great for insulating noise. You may live near a busy street, airport, train line, or have noisy neighbors. Alternatively, you may have a house full of kids and do not want to disturb those who live adjacent to your home. With the installation of the windows and doors, inside noise will not escape and vice versa. Thanks...

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  2. Impact resisteant windows and doors are made to provide additional protection from debris, high winds, and rainfall that are all part of hurricanes.Thanks for posting this nice info about impact resistant windows,I'll share this with my friends.