Foundation, Concrete and Earthquake Engineering

Structural System can be Handled with STAAD.Pro.

A STRUCTURE can be defined as an assemblage of elements. STAAD is capable of analyzing and designing structures consisting of both frame, plate/shell and solid elements. Almost any type of structure can be analyzed by STAAD.

A SPACE structure, which is a three dimensional framed structure with loads applied in any plane, is the most general.

A PLANE structure is bound by a global X-Y coordinate system with loads in the same plane.

A TRUSS structure consists of truss members which can have only axial member forces and no bending in the members.

A FLOOR structure is a two or three dimensional structure having no horizontal (global X or Z) movement of the structure [FX, FZ & MY are restrained at every joint]. The floor framing (in global X-Z plane) of a building is an ideal example of a FLOOR structure. Columns can also be modeled with the floor in a FLOOR structure as long as the structure has no horizontal loading. If there is any horizontal load, it must be analyzed as a SPACE structure.

Specification of the correct structure type reduces the number of equations to be solved during the analysis. This results in a faster and more economic solution for the user. The degrees of freedom associated with frame elements of different types of structures is illustrated in Figure 1
Structural system that handled by STAAD.Pro

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