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Delivery infrastructure of American Concrete Institute (ACI) Shotcrete Nozzleman Certification program

The program and its delivery infrastructure are steadily growing; however, there are many individuals and companies within the industry who remain uninvolved in the certification initiative. It is important to keep in mind that although ACI oversees the operation of the program, it is the shotcrete industry that possesses the necessary expertise to conduct the examinations. Because the goal of the certification program is to increase the quality of shotcrete construction, success of the program will likely lead to greater confidence in using shotcrete, which will increase its potential for acceptance in a wider range of applications. 

Everyone in the industry benefits, so we encourage everyone to participate—if you wish to become involved, contact the American Shotcrete Association or the ACI Certification Department to discuss the certification program that best suits your interest.

Shotcreting on reinforcing fabric of 100X100 mm cubicles
Contact Address:

To get more information on how you can participate in the ACI Shotcrete Nozzleman certification program, please contact:

John Nehasil, ACI Managing Director of Certification

Phone: (248) 848-3788;


or the American Shotcrete Association

Phone: (248) 848-3780;


The overall volume, distribution, and delivery infrastructure of the program has reached levels of availability and readiness that should allow specifiers to feel confident that, if included in a project specification, no waiver of the requirement will be necessary. It is time to inform owners, designers, engineers, and specifiers that the ACI program is positioned to meet the industry need for qualified shotcrete nozzlemen, and that specifiers need to review and update their specifications to include this credential as a requirement.

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