Foundation, Concrete and Earthquake Engineering

Mis-alinement Limitation of Bored Pile

Bore piles are the most popular and reliable deep foundation for heavy structures or less important or light structures founded on poor bearing strata. Bored piles are cast on the construction site which is normally of the order of 50 meters depth of drilling. The drilling depth and method is depending on the soil condition which is determined from soil investigation and decide suitable drilling technology. During boring there may have mis-alinement from the designed pile center.  

Off centering of bored piles in the vertical direction shall not be more than 1 in 200 of the bored pile length.
Boring with Auger Boring Machine
Offset from center in the horizontal direction shall not be more than 10 cm in any direction.

If any completed bored pile exhibit larger offsets than the above values, the Contractor must carry out corrective measure or construct a new bored pile as dictated by the Engineer all under the Contractor's own expense.

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