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ANCO BX: An Extender for Bentonite Clay

ANCO BX is a White to off-white dry powdered compound which is easily Dispersable in water. It is used as a complexing agent/extender for bentonite clay. 


ANCO BX is used with bentonite clay to produce extended viscoelastic rheology in water based systems. ANCO BX is used to prepare and maintain fluids with extraordinary hole cleaning and suspension properties. ANCO BX systems are applicable when drilling high angle & horizontal well sections, unconsolidated or unstable formations, and for casing milling & cutting operations. 


- ANCO BX systems provide extraordinary hole cleaning properties.

- Instantaneous, effective, suspension of all solids carried in the fluid when circulation is stopped. 

ANCO BX Extender for Bentonite Clay
- ANCO BX fluids quickly revert to a liquid state when circulation is reinitiated after connections and trips.

- ECD, Surge & Swab pressures are lower than traditional clay based fluids with similar rheological properties.

- Can be thinned quickly and effectively with a minimal amount of conventional anionic thinner.
Handling safety 

Employees should utilize normal precautions when handling chemical products. The use of a dust mask, safety goggles, gloves and apron are recommended, for employee comfort and protection, when handling this product. In case of eye contact, flush with clean, fresh water and seek medical advice if irritation develops and/or presists. In case of skin contact, simply wash the affected area with soap and water. Review the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for this product prior to use. 


ANCO BX is supplied in 2 lb plastic bags - 25 bags/box. 


ANCO BX is used in combination with ANCO GEL PREMIUM (untreated bentonite) to develop the desired rheological properties. ANCO BX should be used with ANCO GEL PREMIUM at a per pound ratio of 0.1 lb / 1.0 lb. (Example: for a system which will utilize 10 lbs/bbl of bentonite, .04 lb/bbl of ANCO BX is required.) The amounts of ANCO GEL PREMIUM and ANCO BX required will vary with the viscous properties desired. Pilot testing, to determine the amount of products required, is recommended prior to formulating the fluid. The incorporation of bentonitic drilled solids into the fluid system will occassionally require minor additions of ANCO BX and/or water to maintain the desired rheological properties of the fluid. 

ANCO BX should be added to the system through the chemical hopper. The use of anionic mud additives should be avoided when utilizing an ANCO BX fluid. Non-ionic and cross-linked polymers such as ANCO MEL, or very Low-DS CMS should be used to control the filtration rate of an ANCO BX system.

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