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Expansive Soils in United States

Soils which contain clay in rich proportions can be defined as elastic soil. They expands and contracts with the variation of moisture.As soils become saturated with water, the clay expands and loses strength. This condition allows the foundation to sink much the same as you would standing in wet mud.

Conversely, clay soils contract when moisture is taken away. Unfortunately the soils do not always loose moisture evenly, which allows one area to contract faster than another. The soils contract, the foundation loses needed support and therefore settles.

Reddish Clay Soil of South Carolina
Reddish Clay Soil of South Carolina
Clay is the reddish soil that plagues the southeast. If you live in South Carolina, Georgia, or North Carolina, there's a high degree of likelihood your home sits on some amount of expansive soil. However, it's important to watch for the signs of foundation failure to see if your home is suffering as a result of poor soil.
Foundation Failure Due to Expansive Soil
Foundation Failure Due to Expansive Soil

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